Long Course 2013 State Championship Meet Recap

Congratulations to the following swimmers who represented ATOM at 14 & Under and Senior State Championship Meets: Ashlyn Allen, Ben Anderson, Turner Bobbitt, Kathryn Boland, Carly Emerson, Fern Guimond, Joseph Hargrove, Catherine Helm, Anneliese Hohm, Kate Knight, Austin Lockhard, Jack Marquardt, Jake Parrott, Jacob Rauch, Katie Rauch, Sam Reiger, Dakota Schmalz, Elijah Sears, Victor Simmons, Audrey Turner, and Cassie Ward.

ATOM’s 14 and Under swimmers showed great improvement at the meet in Greensboro.  As a team, these swimmers achieved over 90% best times.  AATOM finished 24th out of over 50 teams from around the state.  The following swimmers achieved top 16 finishes at the meet: Turner Bobbitt (50 breast – 14th); Jack Marquardt (100 breast – 13th) Jacob Rauch (100 breast – 8th); Katie Rauch (50 free – 10th, 100 free – 11th, 4th – 50 fly, 12th – 100 fly); Sam Reiger (50 breast – 9th, 100 breast – 12th).  This young group of swimmers is poised to continue to make great accomplishments going into the short course season.

ATOM’s Senior Swimmers attended the NCS Senior Championship meet at MCAC July 18th-21st.  This meet proved to be very competative with many college and postgraduate swimmers attending the meet.  However, ATOM stepped up to the challenge and the following senior swimmers qualified to swim in finals: Kathryn Boland (100 breast, 400 IM); Joseph Hargrove (100 breast, 200 breast); Cassie Ward (100 fly, 400 IM, 200 fly, 200 IM, 200 back); Jake Parrott (200 fly).  ATOM also put together some amazing relay teams that finished in the top 16.  The Senior Girls 400 Medley Relay finished 10th (C. Emerson, K. Boland, C. Ward, K. Knight) and the Senior Boys 400 Medley Relay finished 15th (D. Schmalz, J. Hargrove, J. Parrott, E. Sears).  ATOM’s senior swimmers have made great strides in the past year and finished 18th out of over 50 teams from North Carolina.

Congratulations to Carly Emerson, Fern Guimond, Catherine Helm, Jack Marquardt, Jacob Rauch, Katie Rauch, Sam Reiger, Dakota Schmalz,  and Kathryn Boland on achieving new Senior Sectional time standards.

Congratulations to Cassie Ward on achieving the NCSA Junior National time standard in 100 fly.


Press Release: Go After Your Goals Contest

photoJuly 16, 2013

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Senior Championships Meet Recap


The following swimmers represented ATOM at the 2013 North Carolina Senior Championship Meet in Cary, NC: Ben Anderson, Jake Parrott, Dakota Schmalz, Elijah Sears, Kathryn Boland, Madison Croy, Carly Emerson, Shelby Parrott, and Cassie Ward.  This state championship team had some major breakthrough swims.  After only placing one swimmer in the top 24 over the summer, ATOM was able to place 5 individual swims in the top 24 and 2 relays in the top 16.  ATOM was one of over 50 teams participating in the meet and finished 26th overall in combined team scores.  The men’s team finished 25th and the women’s team finished 18th.


Congratulations to the following swimmers who placed in the top 24 at the meet: 

Women’s 800 Free Relay (16th Place) – S. Parrott, C. Emerson, K. Boland, C. Ward

-Men’s 400 Medley Relay (14th Place) – D. Schmalz, E. Sears, J. Parrott, B. Anderson

-Dakota Schmalz – 200 back (16th place)

-Elijah Sears – 100 breast (14th place)

-Cassie Ward – 1000 free (24th place), 100 fly (23rd place), 200 IM (21st place)

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new Senior Sectional cuts: 

-Elijah Sears – 100 & 200 breast

-Dakota Schmalz – 100 & 200 back, 200 IM

-Cassie Ward – 1000 free

These swimmers will now finish up their short course season at the Blue Ridge Swim League Championship meet in Charlotte, March 22-24, where ATOM will be looking to finish at the top of the league.


14 & Under State Championship Meet Recap

K. Knight, A. Allen, F. Guimond, C. Helm

K. Knight, A. Allen, F. Guimond, C. Helm

Meet your 2013 14 & under State Championship Team!  Anneliese Hohm, Emma Joseph, Katie Rauch, Liza Whitmire, Sam Reiger, Austin Lockhart, Turner Bobbitt, Jack Marquardt, Jacob Rauch, Kate Knight, Catherine Helm, Fern Guimond, Ashlyn Allen, Jason Heishman & Joseph Hargrove traveled to the Triangle Aqautic Center in Cary, February 14-17, to represent ATOM at the NC State Championship Meet.  ATOM was represented well at the meet by these swimmers.  The combined team scores placed ATOM 14th out of over 50 teams, making them one of the highest finishers for small teams (100 or less registered swimmers) in the state.  The men’s team finished 12th and the women’s team finished 22nd.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who placed in the top 16 at the meet:
-10 & under girls 200 medley relay (15th place) – 
K. Rauch, E. Joseph, L. Whitmire, A. Hohm
-10 & under girls 200 free relay (13th place) – L. Whitmire, K. Rauch, E. Joseph, A. Hohm
-Joseph Hargrove – 100 breast (3rd place); 200 breast (2nd place)
-Jason Heishman – 100 breast (12th place); 200 breast (12th place)
-Jacob Rauch – 50 free (9th place); 100 free (6th place); 200 free (4th place); 50 breast (3rd place); 100 breast (3rd place); 100 back (3rd place); 50 back (6th place); 1oo IM (1st place)
-Katie Rauch – 200 free (15th place); 50 free (16th place); 100 free (8th place) 100 fly (6th place); 200 IM (13th place)

Congratulations to the following swimmers who achieved new Age Group Sectional Cuts:
-Jason Heishman 
(100 & 200 breast)
-Fern Guimond (100 & 200 back, 100 fly)
-Sam Reiger (50 fly)
-Liza Whitmire (50 fly)

The next stop for these swimmers will be the Age Group Sectional Meet in Greensboro, NC.  This meet will bring together the best 14 & under swimmers in the southeast – including Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, & Texas.

E. Joseph, L. Whitmire, K. Rauch, A. Hohm

E. Joseph, L. Whitmire, K. Rauch, A. Hohm

Rauch Wins State Title

Jacob Rauch (12 years old) won the 100 IM at the North Carolina 14 & State Championship Meet at the Triangle Aquatic Center.  Rauch came into the meet seeded 4 with a time of 1:03.9.  He dropped three seconds in his prelim swim, clocking in at 1:00.9 to go into finals as the top seed.  In finals, Rauch was able to hold off second place finisher Cooper Watson on the last leg of the race to win the title, swimming a blistering 1:00.6 and achieving a AAAA time standard.  In addition to the 100 IM, Jacob Rauch also competed in the 50 (9th place), 100 (6th place), 200 (4th place) & 500 (3rd place) free, 50 (6th place) and 100 (3rd place) back and 50 (3rd place) & 100 (3rd place) breast.  Rauch finished second in his age group in high point standings.  Click HERE to watch Rauch’s 1oo IM race.

Rauch wins state tile in 100 IM

Rauch wins state tile in 100 IM

Frosty Invitational Meet Recap

First we would like to say “Thank You!” to all of our families for your help at the meet.  We could never pull off a successful meet with out your willingness to volunteer.  The swimmers were provided with a great opportunity to swim fast and the coaches & officials from other teams were especially impressed with hospitality!  Words cannot express our gratefulness for all you did to put on a fantastic swim meet.  The money earned from the meet will be used to help pay for various needs for our swimmers, including equipment, swimmer incentives, & scholarships.  Thank you also to our meet sponsor Wendy’s on Charlottetown Ave for providing medals, Sunday’s lunch & free junior frosty coupons for our heat winners.

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new Sectional Meet time standards: Katie Rauch (100 free)

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new State Meet time standards: Turner Bobbitt (50 free, 50 breast), Kathryn Boland (200 back), Carly Emerson (50 free), Fern Guimond (200 back, 100 fly), Emma Joseph (100 breast), Eliza Whitmire (50 & 100 breast, 50 fly, 100 IM), Sam Reiger (50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly, 100 & 200 IM)

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new AAA time standards: Katie Rauch (100 fly), Cassie Ward (100 free)

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new AA time standards: Turner Bobbitt (50 free), Kathryn Boland (100 free), Fern Guimond (100 back), Jacob Rauch (50 fly)

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new A time standards: Turner Bobbitt (100 free, 50 & 100 breast, 200 IM), Kathryn Boland (100 fly), Madison Croy (100 back), Carly Emerson (100 breast), Emma Joseph (100 breast), Eliza Whitmire (50 breast, 50 fly, 100 IM), Jake Parrott (50 free), Sam Reiger (50 back, 50 fly, 100 IM)

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new BB time standards: Grace Brashear (100 back, 50 fly), Maggie Emmons (50 fly), Ellie Marquardt (50 back), Audrey Turner (200 free), Ben Anderson (100 breast), Jason Heishman (200 back), Jack Meehan (100 free, 100 IM), Sam Reiger (200 free), Jack Wilkerson (50 back), Hamlin Williams-Tracy (50 back)

Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new B time standards: Ashlyn Allen (100 breast), Madison Croy (100 breast), Sophie Croy (100 fly), Cate Darling (100 breast), Rhea Desai (200 free), Anneliese Hohm (200 IM), Renny Ingalls (100 free, 100 breast), Ameena Kapadia (50 free, 50 & 100 back, 50 fly), McCoy Middlesworth (50 fly, 100 IM), Anne Gray Oxrider (50 back, 100 breast, 100 IM), Jordan Reibel (200 IM), Ben Anderson (100 back), Joe Bowers (200 IM), Michael Brashear (200 free), Jack Marquardt (50 back), Jack Wilkerson (50 & 100 free), Hamlin Williams-Tracy (200 free, 100 IM)

Holiday Meet Recap

Great job to everyone who participated in the NOMAD Holiday Invite December 7-9.  ATOM had a great showing and we are so proud of how well everyone swam.  ATOM came in second place in combined team scores, men’s team scores, women’s team scores!  Thanks to all of our parents & swimmers for your hard work so far this season.  Complete meet results can be found HERE

High Point Winners: Congratulations to the following swimmers for finishing in the top 3 point scorers in their age group

  • 8 & Under Girls: Cate Darling (3rd place)
  • 8 & Under Boys: Diego Caravaca (3rd place)
  • 10 & Under Girls : Katie Rauch (2nd place)
  • 10 & Under Boys: Sam Reiger  (3rd place)
  • 11-12 Boys: Jacob Rauch (1st place)
  • 13-14 Girls: Cassie Ward (1st place)

New NC State Championship Cuts: Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new NC State Champ cuts

  • Sam Reiger (100 back)
  • Liza Whitmire (50 free)
  • Katie Rauch (50 back, 100 back)
  • Turner Bobbitt (100 IM)
  • Carly Emerson (200 back)
  • Kathryn Boland (50 free)
  • Joseph Hargrove (200 IM)
  • Jack Marquardt (50 breast, 100 breast)

New Sectional Cuts: Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new Southeastern Sectional cuts

  • Katie Rauch (50 back & 100 IM)
  • Cassie Ward (100 fly)
  • Jake Parrott (100 fly)

New Time Standards: Congratulations to the following swimmers for achieving new motivational time standards

  •  B Times: Joe Bowers (100 back & 100 IM); Michael Brashear (100 IM); Jacques Caravaca (100 free & 100 IM); Andrew Lockhart (50 & 100 free, 50 & 100 back); Mack Marquardt (100 free & 100 back); Wesley Marquardt (50 back); Jack Meehan (100 back); Michael Renda (200 breast); Victor Simmons (100 back); Hamlin Williams-Tracy (100 back); LindsayAu (100 breast); Sophie Croy (50 back & 50 fly); Cate Darling (50 back & 100 IM); Rhea Desai (100 free, 50 fly & 200 IM); Renny Ingalls (200 free, 100 breast & 100 IM); Ellie Marquardt (50 fly); Jenna Mentrier (50 & 100 breast); Isabelle Middlesworth (100 free); Everett Oxrider (100 & 200 free, 100 back, 50 fly, 200 IM); Isabelle Oxrider (50 free, 100I IM); Lillie Thomas (200 free, 50 breast); Alex Anne White (50 fly)
  • BB Times: Jason Heishman (100 fly); Jack Marquardt (100 fly, 100 IM); Jack Meehan (100 free, 50 back, & 50 fly); Sam Reiger (100 back); Turner Bobbitt (500 free); Sophie Croy (50 & 100 free, 100 back); Rhea Desai (50 free); Maggie Emmons (50 fly); Kate Foster (50 free); Fern Guimond (1650 free & 200 fly); Anneliese Hohm (50 & 100 free, 100 breast, 100 IM); Renny Ingalls (50 back); Emma Joseph (50 & 100 free, 50 back, 100 breast); Ellie Marquardt (100 back); McCoy Middlesworth (50 free); Isabelle Oxrider (50 & 100 breast); Audrey Turner (100 breast); Alex Anne White (100 free, 50 back, 100 IM); Liza Whitmire (200 IM)
  • A Times: Jason Heishman (50 free); Ashlyn Allen (200 back); Jennifer Au (100 breast & 200 IM); Katherine Bowers (200 free & 100 fly); Madison Croy (100 back); Katie Rauch (100 back); Liza Whitmire (50 free)
  • AA Times: Joseph Hargrove (200 IM); Dakota Schmalz (200 IM); Turner Bobbitt (100 IM); Katherine Bowers (50 free); Carly Emerson (50 free); Katie Rauch (50 back, 100 IM)
  • AAA Times: Joseph Hargrove (200 breast); Jacob Rauch (50, 100 & 200 free, 50 & 100 back, 100 breast, 100 IM); Cassie Ward (200 back)
  • AAAA Times: Cassie Ward (100 fly)
8 & Under High Point Winners: Cate Darling & Diego Caravaca

8 & Under High Point Winners: Cate Darling & Diego Caravaca


Welcome to ATOM’s official blog page.  This will be a great resource for our parents & swimmers.  We will use this as an educational tool and team newsletter.  We hope that this will become a great way to communicate important information to you all.